Our micro-technology department (Micros) made full use of our rich know-how and career in precision springs to take on the world of the minuscule. We have succeeded in the commercialization of products using ultra-thin wires with a wire diameter of 10 μm.

Main products of Micros

Torque wire

It has great flexibility, effective pushability, and high torque transmissibility even bent.

Related technology
Multiwire multilayer coiling

It is possible to process round wire and flat wire in multiwire-multilayer winding.
It can be processed φ5mm or more in outside diameter of coil and up to 2,000mm in length.

Precise flat plate coiling

It prevents warping of the material and can be finished with outside diameter tolerance of +/- 5μm.

Coiling tool

Using technologies nurtured by spring manufacturing, we can adjust refined coiling tools by hand.

Electrolytic polishing

Electrolytic polishing can eliminate an oxidized scale created by heat treatment.


Brazing a coil terminal finely, and then the end face can be processed in cutting work such as stepped processing.


Board thickness of 20μm at minimum.
Stable processing is possible up to 1:5 = board thickness: board width.

Parts which have the bendable mechanism

By stacking metal rings and using link-less technology it is possible to get a wide working-channel.
It also contributes to miniaturization of the endoscope.

Related technology
Laser cutting (pipe)

Laser cutting of φ5.3mm pipe (O.D.) is possible at 0.1mm intervals.
We can create varieties of shapes from pipe with 0.7mm or more in outside diameter of pipe.
Main materials: stainless steel, Fe, Ti

Laser cutting (sheet metal)

The same shape can be processed from φ0.85mm to φ5.3mm in O.D.

Reference specifications
O.D. Φ1.25mm
I.D. Φ1.08mm
Hole diameter Φ0.11mm
Laser welding

Precision welding of 100μm wire and 150μm wire rope is possible.
(Processing width: 0.2mm or more)

By application of laser welding, it is possible to process the tip of the coil into a smooth spherical shape.(Outside diameter of coil Φ0.25mm or more)
Material: noble metal such as platinum

Other medical equipment (under development)

We develop a variety of medical equipment and prototypes by applying the technologies we have built over the years.

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