Declaration on Conflict Minerals

Declaration on Conflict Minerals

Enacted on October 6, 2015
Maruho Hatsujyo Kogyo Co., Ltd.

We respect the human right, and we declare that we do not use minerals funded by armed forces as set out in U.S. financial regulatory reform legislation and produced in the Congo Democratic Republic (hereinafter referred to as "DRC") and neighboring countries, in order to avoid direct and indirect imposition on any inhumane act.


It is an international issue that the mineral resources mined in DRC and neighboring countries facing the border have become a source of funding for inhumane armed forces. As a result, the U.S. Financial Regulatory Reform Act established the following items.

  • "Tantalum, tin, gold, and tungsten" mined in DRC and bordering neighboring countries are defined as "conflict minerals".
  • Companies are obliged to identify and disclose annually whether the conflict minerals used in their products are the source of funding for inhumane armed forces in these areas.

Establishment of the management system

We appoint general manager for procuring minerals.
The general manager establishes, monitors, and operates a management system for conflict minerals.

Conducting conflict minerals surveys

We conduct surveys on our suppliers to promote activities to eliminate the use of conflict minerals.

Evaluation of suppliers based on survey results

If a supplier is found to be procuring conflict minerals from armed forces in DRC and bordering neighboring countries, we will immediately stop doing business with the supplier.

We will also request suppliers to improve their accuracy in responding to conflict minerals surveys and procure from conflict-free refineries.

Keeping of records

We manage records of procuring transactions by setting storage expiration dates.

Conducting education and training

All employees involved in managing conflict minerals are continuously educated and trained as required.

That’s all.

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