Message from the President

Message from the President

Due to the dynamic growth of the neighboring Asian regions and its’ global impact, we have reached a state of f lux that will drastically impact the Japanese manufacturing industry.

In many years since its founding, with a company creed “Pursuit of Truth”, Maruho Hatsujo Kogyo has been responding to requirements from our customers in various industries by providing highly valued consultation know-how based on precise metal processing technology as well as design and manufacturing capacity to produce compact sized pharmaceutical packaging machines.

Furthermore, with the aim to be a “Creative Technology Company”, we have continued to develop innovative products that meet new demands from various industries including the medical device industry.

By refining our technology, we will continue to evolve based on our commitment to quality and technical excellence, and respond to requirements of key industries including the automotive industry as well as the growing medical and pharmaceutical industries. We aim to contribute to society by delivering optimum products to the global market.

Thank you for your continued support and further cooperation.

President  Ryohei Imai

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