As society's awareness of global environmental conservation rises on a global level, the role that companies should play is being questioned. To respond to these requirements, we are promoting activities to reduce CO2 and environmental impact for ensuring compliance with laws and regulations and for protecting the global environment through ongoing environmental activities and monitoring.


Strict functional evaluation and quality checking are essential to provide more complete products. We conduct various reliability tests and analytical inspections based on the specifications specified by our customers. Products that deviate from the tolerance are excluded from non-defective products as defective products. We strive to ensure quality without errors by actively incorporating mechanical classification and optical judgments.


Due to the risk of affecting the human body, medical devices are required not only to comply with laws and regulations, but also to ensure the safety and quality of our products. We strive to improve safety and quality by developing, designing and manufacturing safe and reliable products for patients using the quality management know-how we have cultivated through acquiring and maintaining ISO9001 certification.

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