Materiality (important issues)

Maintaining and improving product reliability,
Stable supply of products

Important issue Major activities
Ensuring quality and safety Establishing an appropriate supply system
  • Strengthening the quality assurance system, including partner companies
  • Strengthening the stable supply system, including partner companies
Providing appropriate information about our products
  • Promotion of marketing, advertising, and sales
Supply chain management
  • CSR procurement and green procurement

Fostering an organizational culture to promote value creation

Important issue Major activities
Promotion of diversity and inclusion
  • Promotion of participation by women, promotion of good work-life balance, and employment of persons with disabilities
Establishment of a high value-added and highly productive work environment
  • Improving productivity through DX , etc. , promotion of work style reform, supporting the development of the next generation, promotion of employees’ health (mental health), and prevention of long working hours, safety and health activities, prevention of occupational accident, and risk assessment
Development of human resources
  • Development of leaders, personnel rotation and appropriate personnel assignment, career interviews and promotion of education and training

Strengthening governance, Anti-corruption

Important issue Major activities
Corporate governance
  • Establishment of an internal control system and promotion of AI and IT utilization
  • Respect for human rights, thoroughness of legal compliance, and compliance education, and help line
Risk management
  • Strengthening BCP and information security

Activities for environment

Important issues Major activities
Prevention of global warming
  • Climate change measures
  • Promotion of resource recycling
  • Reduction of environmental burden
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas
  • Reduction of electricity usage and wastes
  • Reduction of environmental pollutants
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